Xiaomi: “Apple of China” Is Conquering the Wireless World | Wall

Xiaomi: “Apple of China” Is Conquering the Wireless World | Wall
To understand Xiaomi, you have to understand that most mobile devices are likely made by one of a few Asian manufacturers, often right next to competing products. And with the technology behind most of these devices relatively easy to license and most …
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Samsung, Xiaomi phones are the most cloned devices in China
Perhaps you can consider it poetic justice. Samsung, and to some extent Xiaomi, have long been criticized for copying designs from Apple, but these manufacturers are also getting a taste of that medicine in even more massive degrees. Popularity does …
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Jawbone launches UP4, Withings auto-senses swims, and Xiaomi
Mi Band In the past week, a few companies with wristworn activity tracking devices, Withings, Xiaomi, Jawbone, and Misfit, have announced new features or accessories for their trackers. Last week, Jawbone announced that the UP4, which was first …
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