Virtual PBX Phone System

Virtual PBX Phone System

Virtual PBX phone system is a business telephone system with many capabilities. The first hosted PBX service came into existence over a decade ago. These systems are a way to save companies thousands in equipment costs as well as enhancing their current means of communication. They were the first to offer a no hardware solution with better functioning and fewer costs than conventional PBX systems.

The business telephone system offered does not rely on the location of business, nor does it have the extra costs associated. No equipment is required and there are no maintenance contracts to sign. A virtual PBX telephone service offers companies an enterprise level solution without the added costs.

There are no maintenance requirements involved that you have with the installation of expensive switchboards. Everything is done over the Internet by a company that handles all of the complicated technical aspects of running a powerful telephone system. Companies also have access to many different features.

Some of the features available are the ability to have a virtual office with employees across the world. Multiple offices companies can integrate under one number, and wherever you go, your calls can follow. These telephone system has functionality of a virtual receptionist, switch board, and call center from either a virtual office or regular office.

The only thing the company has to provide is the phone, and then the service provides the rest. The entire company is given a toll-free number and each of the employees is assigned an extension. Employees can simply tell the system which number they can be reached at. The hosted PBX phone system automatically answers calls and handles the call routing to ensure the proper employee or department is reached.

There are so many other features for companies to use as well. This solution is right for anyone sized business that needs a reliable business phone system. Keep in mind that hosted PBX phone systems were created with the small businesses in mind.

A virtual small business PBX phone system has many exciting features that enhance your current phone service. One of the features is a virtual auto attendant that automatically answers and correctly routes incoming calls for you.

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