Use Smartphones to Get Fit

Use Smartphones to Get Fit

How many smartphone users know that their smart devices can also help in keeping them healthy and fit? Many users do not know that with support of some mobile applications, they can also improve their overall fitness. Here are some useful app-picks that can keep you moving and motivated for your health and fitness affairs.

Yoga with Janet Stone
Mobile app stores have been stuffed with hundreds of Yoga apps. Here at these stores, finding a useful mobile app to learn yoga is really tough. If you are looking for a best mobile application to learn yoga, the recommendation is Yoga with Janet Stone. The app features several hours of beautifully lit in-studio video. The instructors Janet Stone provides instructions for more than 100 yoga practices. This app is available for iPad and iPhone.

Endomondo Pro
If you are looking for an app that can measure the distance, paces and time of your jog, the recommendation is Endomondo Pro. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Its GPS keeps on tracing your jog time and estimates the number of calories burned in each session. You can set different goals. It also provides you an audio feedback to let you know when you reach or hit a previous record.

Nike Training Club
If you need a personal trainer helping you focus on cardio, toning or bodybuilding work anytime, anywhere then you can download Nike Training Club which is available at no cost. It is like a virtual boot camp in your pocket. When using this app, you can specify your level, e.g. beginner, intermediate, or advanced. It will offer you half of a dozen body workouts; each from 30 to 45 minutes.

Zombies, Run
Zombies, Run, as its name suggests, is partially a game and partially a fitness app. The app begins with a short intro audio clip and after this you have to walk or run to collect suppliers and escape droves of zombies. You have to complete the mission to complete your exercise.

Fleetly, an app with built in community, provides a lot of motivation to start a fitness routine. The app helps you track your workout and fitness level points. You can also join a variety of workout challenges. The app lets you track just about any kind of workout and share it on Facebook for feedbacks.

These are some marvelous mobile applications for fitness and health. You can download these apps from mobile app stores. This information is brought to you by experts engaged in mobile application development.

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