Upcoming smartphones in 2011

Upcoming smartphones in 2011

With the lot of upcoming smartphones in 2011, these high tech gadgets will never be same again. Well, the true meaning of the statement is they are going to be much more advanced and specific to your requirements. The latest smartphones 2011 have definitely been a great favorite with the youngsters. However these products have also left a deep impact on the mindset of the people from all walks of life as well as from all age groups. This year all the gadgets that have been introduced in fact flaunt a great variety in terms of features and specifications. Here is a probe into the features that they offer.

Nokia 700

Nokia 700 hits the marketplaces everywhere as a super stylish gadget as well as an unforgettable item from the bandwagon of Nokia 700. These are supposed to be highly stylish as well as sleek in design.
Features of the product include high resolution, 5 mega pixel camera, TFT Capacity, A super sensitive touch technology, great GB space, GPRS features, 3G features, EDGE features as well as Music apps.

Nokia C6-01 Smartphone

Nokia C6-01 Smartphone Smartphone is a recent launch in the marketplace which is being appreciated by the Nokia fans to a great extent.
Features of the product include enhanced search facility, great e mail facility, accessories such as blue tooth headset, WCDMA features, Touch technology, GSM facility, Easy affordability, Great tool in terms of sharing, 340 MB storage space as well as great Music apps.

Nokia N8-00 Smartphone-

Nokia N8-00 Smartphone is indeed an enticing piece that Nokia lovers ardently desire to have in their grasp. Here are the top features of the product.
Features of the product include real time e mailing facility, great connection features, 3G facility, 16GB space, Extendable memory, WCDMA features, back up facility for Micro soft office documents, Touch technology, GSM facility as well as Easy affordability.

Nokia E7-00 Smartphone-

Nokia E7-00 Smartphone has hit the stores. It is unbelievable but soon after the launch the popularity of it has skyrocketed. Thanks to its rich features.
Features of the product include attractive look draped in astounding color combinations, 16 GB space, WCDMA features, enhanced search capacity, HD video streaming, UMTS back up facility, Touch technology, GSM facility as well as Easy affordability.

Nokia C5-03 Smartphone –

Nokia C5-03 Smartphone is another successful launch from the Nokia brand. Here are the features
Features of the product include super fast internet connectivity, great GB capacity, WCDMA features, back up facility for MS documents, attractive design, Touch technology, GSM facility as well as Easy affordability.

Nokia B8-00 Smartphone-

Nokia B8-00 Smartphone is highly praised in all quarters because of the rich features that it amalgamates. Here go the details of the specifications as well as features that make this stuff so acceptable to its users.

Features of the product include Seamless integration process, one touch access for the menu, great security features, HD Video quality in all the phones of this brand, Expandable memory, GB space, WCDMA features, Touch technology and GSM features.

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