The Ultimate Home Entertainment Solution

The Ultimate Home Entertainment Solution was a blog made by me for gadget lovers all around the world. I am a total audiophile and hence this blog centered around the various audio devices in the market. I cover all kinds of home audio receivers, headphones, home theater systems, speakers, etc. Apart from that, I have also included car audio and home video devices. I am writing about some of the best gadgets that I have reviewed in this blog. These gadgets are the most popular ones amongst my readers. Oppo BDP-80 Pros: • Good image quality – Oppo BDP-80 has good picture quality for Blu-ray movies. It sports a good build quality too. • USB compatibility – The player comes with a USB port which lets you play music, videos and pictures from a thumb drive. • Fast speed – Blu-ray players are known for their sluggishness and hence I was surprised to see that the Oppo BDP-80 had a really fast speed. Cons: • No services – This product doesn’t have media streaming services like Netflix • Lacks extra features – I was disappointed to see that the Oppo BDP-80 doesn’t have built-in WiFi or 3D Blu-ray. The user interface too is lack luster. • Expensive – This system is a bit expensive considering the features that it has to offer. Roku HD XR Player Pros: • Affordable – The Roku HD XR Player is quite affordable at sub $ 130 price tag. The picture quality too is really good. • Lots of services supported – This player has plenty of audio and video services like Netflix, Major League Baseball games, Pandora, Mediafly podcasts and Amazon. There is also 802.11n Wi-Fi. • Upgradeable firmware – Roku HD XR Player has upgradeable firmware which lets you update the features of the gadget from time to time. Cons: • Weak in competition – I find it hard to recommend the Roku HD XR Player simply because there are cheaper Blu-ray players which give you the same feature set along with optical disc playback. • Issues with the video quality – This player has good video quality but it varies from channel to channel. The quality depends on source material and provider. • Needs a PC – You need a PC for setting up the Roku HD XR Player initially which means you will have to put another box next to your television. Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K Pros: • Superb quality – The Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K has outstanding audio quality. The video quality too is acceptable. • Adequate of connectivity options – This player has four HDMI jacks and there is also a USB port for connecting an iPod or iPhone to the receiver. • Good feature set – The system also offers analog video up conversion to 1080p, there is onboard DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD Master Audio decoding, it is Sirius-ready and also has automatic calibration for the speaker. Cons: • Difficult to set up – The advanced controls on the Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K can trick you if you are not an expert user. • Confusing manual – We wish the manual was simpler.

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