The Smartphone Bandwagon

The Smartphone Bandwagon

Cell phones today not only serve the basic purpose of making calls and sending text messages. It is like a personal assistant constantly at our side. Mobile phones today are constantly evolving, becoming smarter every day. New phones with advanced Operating software are termed as Smartphones because of the innumerable amount of task they are able to perform.

Developers all round the world are constantly working to create more user friendly apps for these advanced phones, which perform more complex tasks. The rate at which this segment is booming, we can be sure that there are many surprises in store for users around the globe in the upcoming years.

Android Vs Apple Vs Windows

Apple and Samsung are two of the biggest giants in Smartphone technology along with Microsoft. Apple’s iOS is one the best operating systems in the market. Samsung’s Android phones and Microsoft’s Windows are also very much in this race. Independent third party developers all round the world are coming up with new technologies to suffice the demands of the growing market.

Developing applications of iOS require Apple’s SDK (Software Development Kit). For building applications on Windows phones, you require mainly C, C++, C# and visual basic. BlackBerry apps are coded in Java mainly and Android apps in C and C++. This excessive competition in the market ensures that we get upgraded software at regular intervals, as no one is ready to leave one inch space for their competitors.

Hottest Trends in Application Development

Most gadgets today are being replaced by cell phones. It easier to carry a cell phone than to carry a camera and portable music player separately. Google recently has combined all the different type chat apps and Instant messenger app into a single Hangout app. It runs on all the phones backed by Android or Apple software. This helps in making a unified communication across various platforms.

Microsoft’s latest app solves the problem for different type of workers in the industry such as company which includes time management, expense management and approvals. It is designed to run on Windows based phones as well as Android based phones.

Independent third party application development has been taken to a new level as more and more companies are coming up in this field of mobile phone app development. The main purpose of mobile phone application development companies is to provide you customized application according to your demands or your organization’s demands.


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