Tcl International Electrotechnical Announced A Take Over Legrand Marketing-tcl, Marketing – Hc

Tcl International Electrotechnical Announced A Take Over Legrand Marketing-tcl, Marketing – Hc
4 20 , TCL International Electrotechnical announced that it will assume full responsibility with immediate effect France Legrand electrical products marketing in China, aroused widespread concern within the industry. This is the end of the French Legrand heavily bought 05 TCL International Electrotechnical up a « powerful combination of world conspiracy » Hurricane Electric is another major step. Industry believe that it will rewrite the map of the domestic market for electrical equipment industry.

Electrical industry Biosphere Interactions After repeated constantly changing electrical industry. The late eighties, Clipsal Australia outshine others, to monopolize the domestic market. The early 90s, with TCL International Electrical and Matsumoto’s meteoric rise, the rapid development of a victory to keep pace with the odd high-grade electrical brands, the formation of the three race for the competitive situation. However, this situation presents a huge change in 99 years, Panasonic, Legrand, Siemens and other foreign brands have to enter the electric market in China, the domestic market’s white-hot trend of increasing international competition intensified, Matsumoto and Clipsal has declined. At the same time, TCL International Electrotechnical With adhere to consistent high-end brand positioning, fine positioning, launching a series of new products lead the industry, has exclusive original « exclusive distributor » system, set up all over the country star chain, attention to building materials supermarket and other new Format, and strengthen other real estate gurus Vanke strategic cooperation, which will bring rapid development TCL International Electrotechnical the broad road. Review the domestic market, TCL International Electrotechnical lead dancer of China’s situation is emerging.

While TCL International Electrotechnical in market peak, a multinational giants marriage began with a sudden shock the domestic electrical market. Legrand France, the first brand as a global market, but in the domestic market but with its global market position is extremely inconsistent. Professions, the French had simply does not and Legrand as the participation of competitors in the domestic market, while more market recognition is only a bystander Legrand.

« Perfect storm » will change the electrical layout

TCL International Electrotechnical announced a take over France, while Legrand product marketing has been carried out step by step « perfect storm » action. This will greatly change the current electric market structure, consumers can feel the new product with the world. TCL International Electrotechnical « perfect storm » action will include four major initiatives.

First, TCL Legrand VI integration. TCL International Electrotechnical stores all over the country’s star will show a new image of the combined VI. Powerful combination of new image more in line with the needs, with TCL’s stores, consumers will be in every corner of the market will see a sign of Legrand.

Second, the specialty retailer consolidation. TCL International Electrotechnical dealers have taken over the management of Legrand. TCL International Electrotechnical with industry professionals the most powerful network marketing business, the number was 700. And Legrand had only three 40. Integration through the specialty retailer, Legrand will share this huge sales network resources. At the same time, TCL International Electrotechnical launched a new integrated marketing business optimization activities, attaches great importance to each partner the same time, strictly control specialty retailer of quality, all ready to become a TCL International Electrotechnical specialty retailer partners to be at their own expense companies to participate in Qualifying session, after a rigorous screening to become a co-operation with the TCL Legrand’s « lucky. » Recently participated in the new specialty retailer Qualifying session Shijiazhuang Guohua Zhao, was struck by lighting, said: « I understand this year established a new specialty retailer system, the heart was more practical. In the establishment of this specialty retailer question, I think the company is very responsible and trustworthy.  »

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