Tcl Chairman Li Dongsheng 50

Tcl Chairman Li Dongsheng 50

Hard to imagine, there have been large fluctuations from the experience after the person, how he maintained a very calm and quiet. This person is called

Home Appliances The industry benchmark of characters entered in 2007, he seems full of clouds the sky.

This person is TCL Group Chairman Li Dongsheng . 2007 Li Dongsheng year is always a fighting team, arm hero of his new deal will lead to extensive in the industry or media queries.

Warrior arm Persistence and perseverance as Li Dongsheng, China’s household electrical appliance enterprises have to deduct, mergers in Europe and the old household electrical appliance enterprises Thomson old

Mobile Manufacturer Alcatel’s brilliant; adhering to the same character traits, in that Chinese enterprises do not have time to take the international road, Li Dongsheng, calm face of outside pressure, TCL began a new round of business restructuring.

Li Dongsheng have to prove, by virtue of their persistence and dedication, will be recreating a TCL Group.

2007 5 months since, TCL Multimedia For Europe TV Business filed for bankruptcy liquidation; November, TCL Multimedia’s Huizhou TCL, the sale of industrial land holdings; December, TCL will be

Computer Business for sale; year, TCL will be

Low Voltage Limited sale. Li Dongsheng very well that if there is no warrior arm courage TCL, TCL Group will not be profitable in 2007, while the end result is the company faces the risk of delisting.

Multimedia and Communication The future profitability of the company main point, so he kept overweight.

Even took out nearly 300 million personal financial holdings of 18% of this private placement of shares, together with a continuous secondary market through his holdings before the TCL Multimedia and TCL Communication’s shares are to their properties and Li Dongsheng TCL jail until the cause of life up.

This mild-mannered man, with an unyielding stubborn heart and tenacity.

Eagle was born again? Appears in Li Dongsheng, where the fall, where to stand up on his employees to the Government and

Investment To re-prove yourself. Eagle’s life 70 years, 40 years old when it will face difficult choices, or to bear pain, to complete 150 days of degeneration, fresh with a new look, or die in Aging.

Li Dongsheng per about this story, will share their feelings. Born in 1957, has 50 years of age this year, as China’s home appliance industry, the first open man, Li Dongsheng to businesses and individuals need to re-key period choice is to let companies develop by inertia, or reinvent the wheel, but suffer great pain?

Li Dongsheng choose the latter. The contemporary

Entrepreneur , Changhong Ni Runfeng Has disappeared; Skyworth

Huang Hongsheng Is behind bars; Greencool of Gu Chujun was imprisoned.

2007, the Li Dongsheng TCL reorganization

Management Team and structure, holdings of TCL

Stock Wanted to use actual actions that are closely aligned with the determination of TCL. Make this choice, Li Dongsheng completely blocked their escape route. Step back, will face

Wealth And all-round collapse. Li Dongsheng has worked hard, but can reborn as an eagle, but also knowing.

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