TCL 电视全国巡展巅峰登陆山城重庆!

TCL 电视全国巡展巅峰登陆山城重庆!
泡泡网液晶电视频道6月10日 雾都山城,桥曲重庆。作为中国最著名的“桥都”,4500多座大大小小的桥梁,将重庆装点得摇曳多姿,曲线玲珑,成为一幅最抢眼的画卷。当中国最美桥都遇上中国最美曲面,又会擦出怎样的火花?6月 …
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TCL outlines TV display trends
TCL Chairman and CEO Tomson Li Dongsheng believes there are three major trends dominating the future development of the TV display industry – larger TVs, higher resolutions and enhanced color saturation, according to a speech given at the recent SID …
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