Some information of the Newman car DVD player

Some information of the Newman car DVD player

The device car DVD player is so familiar to us, for the car is common device to us, every day when we go to work we need drive our love car to go there, and every day when we are off work, we need drive the device to go home. With the help of the product we can listen to our favorite music to get rid of the boring time on the trip.

Let’s look at some basic information of the Newman car DVD player: The size of this device is 7 inch with TFT touch screen, and the functions of the device are powerful, for they are GPS navigation , CMMB mobile TV, radio, mp3 player, Bluetooth and so on.

Today the car DVD player is not just a DVD player, and these functions that built in are very important to user’s, when the driver drive his love vehicle to a new place, he may not familiar with the roads, with the developing of society there are many new roads are built every year, even If you have been to there last year, but this year there are some nearest roads to get there, or there are some new high ways to get there, so the navigation is the most important device to the drivers.

The rests are the entertain functions, which can let driver’s get rid of boring time during on the trip. Especially when driver goes out with his family members for traveling, the device can play an important part in there. Children are always like watching their favorite programs.

Because the device is a touch screen device that it is very easy for you to operate the product, it is also a 3G device, so you can surf online, you can let your passengers to surf the QQ to relax themselves. After the test, we found that there are still some distance to surf on line compared with our laptop, in fact there are some similarities to the cell phone surf on line, considering that there are not many vehicle has such functions, although there are some unpleasant place, it is still much improved.

When we turn on the CMMB functions that we found that there are many TV channels, and you can watch the TV channels for free for three years. This new function can bring a great convenience to your passengers.

If you like listening to the radio, you can turn on the radio functions which are good way for you to relax yourself, you can control the frequency by yourself, or you can let it adjust automatically, it is very convenient for you to do this.

Music functions: While in my opinion this is the best way for the drivers to relax themselves, sometimes when you drive the vehicle for a long time, you must be a little tired, then listen to some music, you will be get rid of tiring easily, although you there are some programming functions, as a driver, you cannot watch them during the trip, it is very dangerous for you.

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