The mobile, a phenomenon when it was first introduced to the world and now a gadget most people cannot live without. With us for generations and will be with us for generations to come, but so much has changed since the first mobile. 

The first mobile, a big, bulky gadget with a huge aerial and very little features. The mobiles of today, a Smartphone. Technology has grown a huge amount since its first appearance and the mobiles have done the same. As Smartphones were introduced the mobile world became more exciting and more appealing and now whatever sort of person you are or whatever sort of things you like there is a Smartphone for you. 

The Smartphone is generally based on an Operating System which gives it the ability to run applications, therefore offering even more. The Operating Systems themselves, Android, Windows, Blackberry, offer a whole host of features and then there is even more in the Smartphone itself. You can now access the internet and check out your favourite Social Networking sites, take photos and videos without the need of a camera or video recorder and have Apps that cover every aspect of things you might want to know or do.

With regular mobile phones looking and functioning the same as Smartphones it is difficult to show the difference between them both. The Operating System would be a big clue as to how to spot a Smartphone and would probably be the best way to pick one from a crowd, but also sometimes a QWERTY Keypad or an onscreen QWERTY Keypad lets you identify one. 

The Smartphone sounds like an intelligent phone designed for intelligent people, but this is far from correct. It is an intelligent phone but offer a variety of everything for every type of person. Yes an intelligent business man would benefit hugely from this sort of phone with the ability to browse his emails and view and even amend documents, but with the thousands of Apps and Games on offer from the Operating Systems and the Smartphones themselves, these mobile phones are for everyone and anyone. 

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En France, 30 millions de personnes utilisent un smartphone tous les jours, avec une trentaine d’applications installées en moyenne. Selon la Cnil, deux appl…
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