Smartphones For Lead Generation

Smartphones For Lead Generation
The budget for lead generation through mobile phones will shoot up rapidly in the coming months. That is the result of the survey conducted by the US-based consumer group, e-Marketers. According to the survey, the money spent on sales lead generation through cell phones will proliferate by about 79% in the coming year. BPO firms should sit up and take note of this. They are cramped for space in the telemarketing business, of late. The rising dominance of the national call barring services has resulted in many of them losing out on databases and revenue. But these survey results open up a whole new world of possibility for them. As mobile marketing budgets go up, it is also time to look beyond phone calls and text messages for generating leads. Its time for the call center to tap the Smartphone wielding professionals.

Smartphones offer more possibilities than the average mobile phones. The dependence of call centers on text messages to get their marketing message across. But telecom bodies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have put on bans to prevent BPO units from sending across these texts. Smartphones allow these telemarketing services providers to send out their message through videos, advertisements and applications. Smartphone applications are always used by prospective customers and if you can create marketing messages on these lines, you will have a new, innovative way of reaching out to the consumers. The more you bend towards technology, the more you enhance your appeal among the consumers. Your brand receives an impetus, too.

Smartphones have search engines of their own. Users can look for products/services on these search engines. Here is a golden opportunity for call center services to tap the consumers. BPO firms can hire graphic designers and writers to create appropriate messages and graphics for the consumers. If you can create something that meets their eye, you have stronger chances of lead generation. There is a certain lag in the amount of work that can be done and how much is being done. Your brand can take advantage of this lag and step in to provide something that is yet untapped. Smartphone applications are a hot favorite among the youth as well. They are the target consumers for many products/services. Even if they dont have the pocket money necessary to make the purchase, they are the ones who influence parents or elders into buying the product/service.

Smartphones are known for their audio-visual facilities. Videos take on a whole new meaning on Smartphones. Its the perfect gadget to promote videos on your brand. It could be animated or advertisement shots about your brand. Call center units can utilize this opportunity as well. But the catch is that BPO units have to invest heavily if they want to conduct lead generation on Smartphones. Its not everyones cup of tea. Technically sound teams will be needed, along with research and development departments. The telemarketing companies have to be absolutely sure that their target demographic uses Smartphones regularly. Otherwise, it will be an exercise in futility.

We conduct lead generation on new-age media platforms. Our call centers employ the best technicians to make it possible for us to try out better methods.

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