Samsung Orion Android Tablet

Samsung Orion Android Tablet

The success of the Samsung Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet made yet another Android tablet, Samsung launch Orion. This Android is a tablet that also runs on the Android operating system developed by Google. The Android Marketplace will allow you to easily download applications and then customize according to their unique needs. The Android Market includes thousands of applications, but you can only download a few applications at a time in your phone. Moreover, it is very unlikely you will find all applications that are useful for your daily needs, given that some of them were developed by geeks who just want to show off their technical competence. The OS has a dual-core processor.

This processor makes the phone much more powerful and able to perform many more functions than its predecessor. Thus he has the ability to encode and decode Full HD 1080p videos. It has also enhanced HDMI-1. 3a output allows users to project content of the large displays such as televisions. It also has a touchscreen display, which is seven inches wide. It is expected to be integrated with a Samsung 10. 1 inch Android device.

The fast processor with a speed of the tablet to enable commands at very high speeds and you perform your tasks in much less time. It also comes with a Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. This ensures that you always will be able to access the internet. You can also easily update your status on the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. There are also messaging services like Google Talk, IM and SMS that allows you to chat and catch up with friends and colleagues.

The unit also comes with Google maps which essentially helps you find the location of different places. When the services are used by other applications, such as GPS navigation services, making it easier to pinpoint the exact locations of streets, villages and cities. Such a service can be particularly useful if you are new to a place. It saves you a lot of effort having to ask for directions of total strangers. The other service that is built into the tablet is the calendar. With the built-in calendar, you can easily track events and make sure you do not miss important events.

The tablet comes with two cameras. These are essentially to help with video conferencing. As professionals have been getting busier today has become very difficult to conduct face to face meetings. A camera is in the front end of the tablet while the other camera is in the rear end. In this way, it becomes very easy for two people to video conference. As the camera on the back is more powerful, it can also be used to take videos and upload, edit and share with friends or on sites like YouTube. The device operates on lithium-ion battery and it is necessary that it be levied according to the appropriate power. When purchasing the unit, some online searching and always ensure that there is a guarantee.

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