Phone house for broken cell phone

Phone house for broken cell phone

If you are looking for mobile a phone house not to worry we have what you are looking for. See not every version of mobile phones can use the same covers and cases. This is the reason that phone house was created. In addition the housing is there to protect the very older versions of phone models and to also provide protection for many of the newer models as well.

If you were to take a look at the descriptions on your phone house, it may appear that the housing just needs to be replaced however this is not the case. There may be instances where there is damage to the inside of the phone. Because of internal phone house damage, we like for our customers to buy a repair service where you can send your phone to one of authorized factory trained technicians. These technicians can take a look at your phone house and make a determination as to the problem. Once the real problem has been diagnosed, you will be contacted to discuss what your options are.

In addition, if there has been any type of water damage caused by any liquid or moisture, please use the water damage option so that we know how to best go about correcting the issue. Remember that no matter how small the amount of moisture it can cause oxidation which damages any type of electronic device. So the sooner that it can be treated and cleaned out the better off in the long run the phone house will be. 

If your phone happens to have a broken housing unit, there may be other issues that creating issues with the cell phone. A damage phone house can cause things such as the battery to discharge too quickly or you might have instances where the phone keeps turn on and back off again. Other possibilities could be that the ringer doesn’t ring.

Other things that might be a possibility are that the cell phone case is cracked. If this is so then the getting this repaired is important before the cell phone begins to not function properly. Cracked phone house can cause water and other liquids to seep in to the inner components of the phone causing it not to work properly.

In phone house the other problems that you may be experience are antenna problems or a flip phone that has broken in two. Antenna problems are not as common as a flip phone breaking in two. Unless you have an older model phone house the antenna could very well be your problem.

To break everything down, you are paying for an evaluation of our phone and the labor costs that are associated with the repair. Parts are not included. And the repair service covers your phone house, case, and antenna. If a determination is made that you need parts, when we contact you to discuss the repair we will let know about what parts are needed.

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