Petya I. Edwards Foundation in 2011

Petya I. Edwards Foundation in 2011

The promise of the new year is exciting, and the staff at Petya I. Edwards Foundation is eager to start 2011 off right. With this new year comes higher expectations, as well as gratitude for all the Foundation has already accomplished, on behalf of every staff member. With the new year there is also an immense amount of gratitude from the people that the Foundation has helped, which serves as a reminder to Petya I. Edwards Foundation of both the successes it has accomplished and the immense amount of work that still needs to be done.

Petya I. Edwards Foundation strives to bring hope, success, and opportunity to those individuals and families who are suffering through hard financial and emotional times in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Those members of the community who are in need are supported by Petya I. Edwards Foundation not through a handout, but through education, emotional, and financial support. By providing educational opportunities to families facing hard times, Petya I. Edwards Foundation helps individuals build the foundation of their renewed financial success.

These educational opportunities offer the ability to acquire skills pertaining to financial management and career placement and offer the chance for a change in a positive direction that will last much longer than any financial handout would. These skills will last a lifetime.

In 2011 Petya I. Edwards Foundation plans to help more individuals and families in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area than ever before. In order to achieve this goal, Petya I. Edwards Foundation needs the support of the community. To find out how you can help, and to learn more about the mission of the Foundation and the work it does in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, visit, call (214) 864-7574, or send an email to

2011 holds the potential to be a remarkable year. How will you celebrate this potential? Petya I. Edwards Foundation appreciates your support and wishes you a wonderful new year.


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