Oppo Dedicated To Beloved Teacher The Best Selection Of Teacher’s Day-oppo, Teacher’s Day-it

Oppo Dedicated To Beloved Teacher The Best Selection Of Teacher’s Day-oppo, Teacher’s Day-it
Teachers are fire, lit the fire of the mind of students; teachers are stone steps, to withstand the students step by step practical way to climb. School in September the occasion, we also welcome the Teacher’s Day, in this special day, many students want teachers to teach the grace of return for their beloved teachers offer a gift is that many students preferred. Field in the Walkman, OPPO recently introduced high-definition products and rich tone of the entire brand product line, perhaps for the students to express their gratitude to find a gift Oh.

Select one: First Touch HD MP4 ?? S39
OPPO In 2009 one of the most talked about new products, using the S39 4.3-inch large LCD screen is the brand launched the first high-definition MP4 . It not only has a 800X480 resolution and 16 million colors, 24-bit true color display, but also support for RMVB, MKV, AVI and other high-definition video files, FLV and so on for other Network Widely popular video formats also have good support, post firmware improvements will increase the more formats supported.

Addition, S39 using dynamic FLASH UI operation design, combined with Touch Screen Can achieve a very smooth touch experience. S39 is equipped with a Yamaha amplifier system is greatly enhanced its loud speaker sound quality, improved S39 Video Double experience.

Select 2: Music Crystal MP3 ?? X1
Called « crystal music » of OPPOX1 in appearance can be « amazing » to describe, it uses a multi-faceted cut crystal design, and unprecedented craftsmanship. Integration of three design elements: crystal appearance, willow-type cut, tapered design, the final formation of the « Rainbow Crystal » in the shape effect.

In sound quality, X1 tuning invested in more energy than ever before. X1 tuning the direction of creating a strong bass emphasis and tone of the appeal.

OPPO X1 in the price is relatively close to the people, the price for 299 students, is a relatively common acceptable price.

Choose three: intelligent virtual operator?? S19
S19 is the launch of a Walkman mode of operation Innovation Improvement, S19 Machine Only one Power supply Button, all other keys are virtual design on the front of the border on the right side of the virtual screen control menu button switch, and bottom of the screen is the virtual keys control playback, fast forward and other functions. This design is not only interesting but also makes the S19 looks quite simple and beautiful.

In function, S19 with OPPO Smart S3.0 system with live RMVB, file management systems and double the three key design features, with 3.0-inch screen, the video playback is concerned is good choice.

Select 4: SMART Foundation work?? S9
S9 is OPPOSMART The first product, launched in 2008 when it caused widespread concern, it has the live RMVB, file management system and three double key design features, while in appearance with a 6.9 mm the thin layer of metal design and unique frame design of the Walkman as a model of industrial design.

S9 because of its high price-performance ratio in the market is to create a very impressive sales, the current prices which are relatively close to the people to adjust to the price, 2G prices 399,4 G’s prices are 499, Many students become the first choice of consumers.

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