Only 4 999 yuan tcl42 inch lcd thrown goods ultra-low-tcl 42-inch lcd tv tcl tv

Only 4 999 yuan tcl42 inch lcd thrown goods ultra-low-tcl 42-inch lcd tv tcl tv

Market for some time, due to very good quality, so prices are relatively higher, but the recent TCL 42 inch LCD television with no small promotional efforts, including the current New TCLX9 series L42X9FRC, this paragraph cheap products just to market prices, the current price of only 4,999 yuan This TV has a very good drop.


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Seamlessly embedded using a molding process is made of metal wire drawing process, the four corners with circular design, elegant fashion. The base design is to be designed

Entertainment tray, not only high optical technology, pre-interface also integrates VGA, HDMI1.3, USB2.0, UP and other interfaces, both beautiful and practical. Also incorporate specially designed dark line around the corner, can hide the wire well and maintain room aesthetics.

, TCLL42X9FRC LCD TV has a 1920 × 1080 full HD resolution, up to 20000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 500cd/m2 brightness and fast response time of 4ms. Full HD Digital Dynamic with DDHD3 chips, Leung Yan-color backlight (XWCG-CCFL), 120Hz image processing technology, the use of frequency doubling can effectively eliminate smearing and improve dynamic resolution. The machine also offers two kinds of viewing movies and panorama mode.

TCLL42X9FRC LCD TV’s biggest feature is that it is the first time in the LCD TV to achieve « high-definition video interactive » feature?? As long as high-definition television camera inserted in the machine top, you can take the contents of the real-time synchronized for easy consumption Capture life in each of those wonderful moments. This high-definition television cameras at the same time also used separate portable design, can be removed from the TV’s card slot, for handheld shooting; in addition to built-in memory card, they can also through SD, SDHC card expansion, storage for more exciting fragments of life.

L42X9FRC also uses TCL unique natural light technology to reduce LCD TV energy consumption up to 50%, truly green

Environmental protection, at the same time, technology can also enhance the color of natural light levels and achieve the perception of natural light, reducing vivid natural color effects, long-term effective mitigation of visual fatigue caused by watching television, healthy eye.

Addition, L42X9FRC through function calls can be automatically shielded signal channels, more convenient to use.

Audio side, TCLL42X9FRC LCD TV offers hidden 2.1-channel speaker, support DDAS Digital Dynamic Sound Valley, pure digital amplifier. The environmental school sound system can adjust the sound programs based on user location, so that the user is in the best position of the sound field.

Interface side, L42X9FRC provides HDMI1.3, VGA, USB2.0, headphones, wireless audio, SPDIFOUT coaxial output, port, enough to meet the demand for mass entertainment.

Comments: The TCL’s 42-inch Full HD LCD TV price cut is very high, mainly its not the current popular

, But the X9 series or some assurance of quality, so low prices, hurry heart it.

[Reference price] 4999 yuan

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