Motorola Smartphones

Motorola Smartphones
Founded on 25th September 1928, Motorola Inc. was an American Multinational Telecom Company headquartered at Schaumburg, Illinois that manufactured mobile handsets, as well as, designed and sold wireless network infrastructure equipments until, its recent split into two independent public companies: Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions on 4th January 2011.

The mobile devices arent a very profitable arm of the company, however with the introduction of Smartphones especially the Motorola Droid, the company seems to be doing better. Motorola Smartphones are empowered by Android Platforms, operating systems for mobiles.

Few Noteworthy Motorola Smartphones:

Droid: With special features such as high speed mobile browsing, run multiple applications, avoid disruptions through notification search, Google search by voice, 3.7 high resolution touchscreen, 5MP camera with DVD video quality.

Other features include: Slider handset, CDMA with Android platform, 1400mAH battery, Google mobile services.

Droid X: This fully loaded Motorola Smartphones is worth experiencing with features such as 8MP camera & HD camcorder with audio scene selection, 4.3 high resolution screen, HDMI or wireless HD connection, numerous applications in Android market, Verizon 3G network enabled high speed browsing.

Other features include: Android platform, 8 GB internal memory & 16 GB pre-installed MicroSD (expandable up to 32GB), accelerometer, and 1540mAH battery.

CLIQ with Motoblur: with special features as full HTML browser, 3G/HSDPA and Wi-Fi, 5MP auto focus camera, forever backed up and secured, and Motoblur updates your information in real-time.

Other features include: 3G with Android, 3.1 HGVA, side slider handset, 1420mAH battery, touchscreen with virtual keyboard as well, 2GB internal memory and up to 32 GB expandable memory.

Motorola Backflip with Motoblur: Paired with an innovative reverse hinge from where the Smartphone gets its name, Motorola Backflip is coupled with features such as messages delivered to your home screen, reverse flip design with BACKTRACK navigation pad behind the screen, all contacts at one place, news and happenings widgets stream news and social feeds.

Other features include: 3G with Android platform, touchscreen with QWERTY keyboard, 5MP camera with 4x digital zoom, 2 GB microSD pre-installed (expandable up to 32 GB), 3.1 HVGA display, 1400mAH battery.

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