Mike Newman survives after airshow crash

Mike Newman survives after airshow crash

Shoreham Airshow is one of the UK\’s finest airshows with a fantastic air display and exciting attractions. On August 23rd 2010, the 21st Royal Air Forces Association airshow which took place at Shoreham, West Sussex attracted the attention of nearly 15,000 fans. During the airshow, Mike Newman’s crash was probably considered to be one of the best recorded glider accidents in the history. The 35-year-old pilot luckily managed to escape from the wreckage of the high performance Swift S-1 aircraft after it slammed into a runway. He crashed while performing for the Swift Aerobatic Display Team.


Amateur photographer Rob Yuill, age 62 from Hornchurch, was able to record the whole incident in his camera. He said: “He had a very lucky escape indeed. The glider was supposed to perform an aerobatic display with two powered aircraft – but it was a very overcast day with low cloud. Therefore, the gilder only performed for a couple of minutes before being released from its tow line”. The photographer added: “Then it flew downwind and turned to make its final approach to land. He had lost air speed and headed straight into the ground. The nose section just crumpled. It was an awful thing to see.”


Mike Newman\’s aircraft is reported to be out of control


The high performance Swift S-1 aircraft heads straight into the ground



The front section of the Swift S-1 aircraft is smashed into smithers


It is such an awful crash


Mike Newman, who took up flying in 1996, is now working as a gliding instructor and aerobatic coach. He won the UK unlimited aerobatic gliding champion in 2008 and 2009. After the incident, Mike was taken to Worthing Hospital. He was reported by doctors to suffer three broken vertebrae, but will recover soon.


The Air Accidents Investigation Branch and the British Gliding Association are attempting to investigate the crash. The airshow organizer Don Bean shared his though that they were really sorry for the incident and fortunately the accident was not serious.

It is a miracle when Mike Newman is still safe in the cockpit


The pilot crawls from his smashed up stunt glider, which suprises 15,000 fans at the Royal Air Forces Association airshow at Shoreham, West Sussex



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