Meizu M8 Music And Pain With 10 Fingers To Help You Breakdown

Meizu M8 Music And Pain With 10 Fingers To Help You Breakdown

Has never been a Mobile So frustrating too, from the initial project development to final product launch, which lasted two and a half hours; never had a phone with so much controversy, it was felt wonderful, some people feel bad; never had a cell phone can trigger I made so many people to a wide range of issues; has never made a phone frequently in our lives, « collision » (ie, both use the same model is, and Zhuangshan similar); never had a domestic mobile phone have such a strong entertainment properties; never has a cell phone so many quality problems occur; also never has a cell phone sale

Service Improve the appearance of so many quality problems, but also to maintain high customer satisfaction; of course, the most critical, has never been a cell phone that can give consumers a wealth of « Happiness » and « pain. »

Then this phone is _________? (Multiple choice) A: Apple iPhoneB: Meizu M8C: Lenovo OPhoneD: Dopod HeroE:

Nokia This question is designed purpose of 5800 is simply mentally handicapped people, if not answer who is also a low IQ, you see?? The answer is written in the title is also blind. But since the Meizu M8 phone to have so many fans (according to a survey said they were second in share of domestic users), then there is a need to talk about the M8 that point thing.

M8 mobile phone good? Bad? M8 users often make such potential problems, and now journalists try to revisit memories of nursery beginner Number: borrow their fingers to count (more than 10 fingers, the scope for the time being ignored), to count the pros and cons of mobile phone M8, and The count in the process of learning, deep experience M8 user’s « Happiness » and « pain » it.

M8 advantage of a Dozen Thumb: Multimedia powerful IPhone and many brands of mobile phones through i-Tunes or other software to convert to play, M8 is arrogant lot: you use the M8 cell phone downloading a movie, you can direct deposit into immediate play out.

Index finger: The battery can be replaced

Compared with the Apple iPhone, M8 Another advantage is that the battery can be replaced, so do not worry am using a mobile phone to watch movies, how do phone battery died the afternoon of the problem will emerge.

Middle finger: the screen and the user interface is very beautiful

M8 has a 3.4 inches, 720 × 480 resolution

LCD screen , Also supports multi-touch; and user interface icons, the background can be customized.

Ring finger: a WiFi wireless network

Most users want to have a WiFi wireless networking capabilities to support mobile phones, so « public beta » M8 very popular.

Little finger: a good video shooting

M8 mobile phone can shoot 640 × 480 resolution of standard definition video, burn

DVD Disc above, and then on the washer inside the player, the effect was very good.

Other advantages: 1 M8 mobile phone less than 2000 yuan price than many foreign brands like configuration, but easily 4000 to 5,000 yuan high price, be very reasonable.

M8 shortcomings Zhuge Shu Thumb: Software too little Although the government claims M8 mobile phone application software with unlimited expansion, but in fact only relatively easy to use more than ten kinds of applications.

Index finger: a very bad part of M8 mobile phone signals

Fumbled phone is M8 users Complaints

Most of the problems.

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