Lenovo, Tcl, Boe Compared The Three Major International Merger

Lenovo, Tcl, Boe Compared The Three Major International Merger

From Financial Crisis, encourage Chinese enterprises to bargain-hunting with the Sun shining sea, overseas Chinese enterprises are accelerating the pace of mergers and acquisitions, more and more overseas acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions of major overseas have only enough information from the past year into a monthly news Even on the 10th.

However, both the cast and peace of the financial dream, CNOOC, the aluminum

Energy Rescue, or universal, Haier’s market position in its representation and influence are not worth the TCL, Lenovo and

BOE These three manufacturing giant’s three classic shot.

Year, with three major acquisitions, BOE move into the high-tech investment in the LCD industry, TCL step into the world

TV King, Legend among the list of IT giants. Momentary fame.

Today, the Big Three different situation.

Lenovo through the secret wedding month soon after suffering from the global financial crisis, Naoqi famine, huge loss of 226 million U.S. dollars in 2008, even the semi-implicit Liu are forced out of the mountains fighting, showing the severity of the fire. IBMPC business because of indigestion, Lenovo began to enter the « most dangerous time. »

TCL did not even had time to enjoy a honeymoon, they go directly to the pain of the marriage. Thomson’s TV business soon

Flat-panel television Squeeze under the stage of history, entered the losses. For several years, TCL’s profits are up is not the world’s Thomson and Alcatel on the hole to bring the company to ST for a long time.

In contrast, only the BOE’s LCD business also bring some comfort. Wind in the financial crisis could be launched line of six generations in Hefei, Anhui, and invest 30 billion yuan plan to establish eight-generation line.

What difference where to start, the answer is: motivation. Three different « why » to bring three different « I see. »

Lenovo Why? Help! Help! The beginning of the acquisition, Liu has not said why Lenovo acquired IBM’s PC business, until the completion of the acquisition and achieve profitability in the first quarter.

Liu has said acquisition experience, frankly: « The most important thing to know is what you do, why should the acquisition. » These words sum up well, but Lenovo Why, he did not really pointing to.

2003, the association encountered difficulties. Began in 2001, diversified development strategy is almost a total failure.

Lenovo had chosen the three IT-related sectors: Internet, IT

Service And mobile phone business, hope to open new markets, and then nominated the « Fortune » Global 500 ranks.

2000 8 months, Lenovo shares when the pass to win, get 40% of the equity, sounded the clarion call to enter the Internet; December, Lenovo has set up a new cooperation with the new Eastern Oriental

Education Online. June 2001, Lenovo cooperation with America Online, a joint venture FM365 website.

In IT services, Lenovo 2002, has completed 3 acquisitions, including the 55 million dollar acquisition of 51% of the shares Hampshire consulting; to 23.33 million yuan acquisition of intellectual Soft Computer Development Co., Ltd.; to 6,000 million shares in the hope that the acquisition Systems limited service company.

In the phone business, Lenovo invested 90 million in 2002, bought Xoceco

Electronic License, the establishment of Lenovo Mobile Communications Company.

The following three years, Lenovo has invested more than 1.25 billion Hong Kong dollars, which invested in Internet business more than one billion Hong Kong dollars, mobile phone and IT services investments were 1.5 billion and 1 billion.

But three years later, Lenovo has not reached more than 60 billion yuan sales target (this is the « Fortune » Global 500’s threshold). Not only because of the Internet business bubble burst in the face withdraw, terminate the cooperation with America Online, IT investment has been losing money, forced to sell the package as part of AsiaInfo Technology.

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