IPhone Users Feedback

IPhone Users Feedback

There have been a lot of issues regarding the new iPhone gadgets that have got everyone’s attention. There have been a lot of negative feedbacks about the product. A user was found with a battery problem as he stated « My phone has an issue where it would instantly loose power. It didn’t matter what I was doing, it would instantly lose power.
Sometime it would tell me the battery was dead (the phone refuse to power on and the battery dead screen appears). Then it would power up and have half the battery life. » These were the words of an annoyed customer who use this apple’s gadget. Another one was found saying « I just returned my iPhone today due to stuck pixels and dust under the screen. I gave up. Tired of dealing with Apple and there retarded Genius bar appointment making fools. » These words clearly reflect the anger and frustration of this user about iPhone.
One customer when asked about his iPhone said that « I have the light leakage on the left side of the phone, almost the entire length. It’s very annoying and I’m sure dust will get in there over time. I also have a few dead pixels. One is dead center and every time I look at the screen, it JUMPS out at me » and also one more « I have the light leakage on the left side of the phone about half way down in 4 small slit size spots. It doesn’t really bother me though.
I just hope my battery issue is a software issue and not hardware, as just less than 2 hours of continuous 3G surfing took me from 100% battery to battery low warning with brightness set to roughly 30% and I also have problem at times that my phone would not charge past 50% but it fixed itself somehow and my app store apps have had to be reinstalled a couple times because they wouldn’t open and/or caused crashes. » Last but not the least, an annoyed response from a user « Mine has a digitizer issue; there is a 2CM horizontal stripe across my screen that it does not recognize any finger touch. Then get serrate in selecting stuff if you touch nearby that location and the yellow spots on my screen seem to have disappeared and i read on gadget that other people are reporting the same thing.
Something about the phones being shipped out to quick that the bonding hasn’t completed! » this seems like a bunch of dissatisfied customers. Apple is known for the innovation and reliability too but these apple gadgets seem to be annoying people. iPhone has a high market demand and everyone wants to grab a piece of it but after going through these seriously annoyed and poor performance comments by the customers it seems as if iPhone has got to be rectified before it’s too late. It’s such a fast market that once you lose your customers, it’s hard to get them back.

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