Iphone 5, Iphone 5 Contract

Iphone 5, Iphone 5 Contract

With latest rumors and expectations soaring high up among users, Apple is expected to come out with a new smart phone iPhone 5 soon overtaking all the negative aspects in its handsets till date along with many other smarter features putting forth a completely new approach to the latest smart phones and that’s the reason for its huge hype in the market these days. Nothing has been confirmed from Apple’s end about the specifications that will be available with the next smart phone but certain specifications have emerged out of leaked images through various websites.

Apple iphone 5 was highly expected to come up during summer this year but the latest rumors have revealed that the smart handset will be delayed by several months than its expected date of launch due to software issues till late 2011 and hopefully this delay will prove to be beneficial to bring out another revolutionary product from the manufacturer. Recent rumors have also revealed that the new version of the smart phone will get all updates via wireless support without requiring the handset to be synced with the computers to receive updates. It will come up with a similar design pattern as available with iPhone 4 but the screen size is expected to be boosted up to 3.7-4 inches mark compared to the previous 3.5 inches.

Moreover, iPhone rumors have also revealed that the new handset will rather provide an aluminium back compared to the prevailing glass one to cope up with its Antennagate problems during making and receiving calls. It will also provide a metallic look to the handset and add up a tougher approach to the same. It is highly expected that Apple will come up with a new version of iOS with the new smart phone giving out a newer world to be explored. It is also expected to come up with Cloud based services along with major improvements in all other applications pertaining to the handset.

It is highly expected that Apple with come up with dual core trend with A5 processor in the upcoming iPhone 5 along with an advanced GPU support, better RAM capabilities and many other upgraded features to provide a more worthy aspect to the handset. It may even come up with NFC support for utilizing the mobile phones as payment options while purchasing. The camera is also expected to be revised with an 8 mega pixel snapper and added sensors like Exmor R walking down the same lane as Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.

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