Inmarsat Phone

Inmarsat Phone

Inmarsat plc is an international telecommunications company originally operating as an intergovernmental organization. It provides telephony and data services to users worldwide, via special terminals which communicate to ground stations through twelve geosynchronous telecommunications satellites. Inmarsat network provides reliable communications services to a range of governments, aid agencies, media outlets and businesses with a need to communicate in remote regions or where there is no reliable terrestrial network.


The company was originally founded in 1979 as the International Maritime Satellite Organization (Inmarsat), a not-for-profit international organization, set up at the behest of the IMO a United Nations body, for the purpose of establishing a satellite communications network for the maritime community. It began trading in 1982. From the beginning, the acronym « Inmarsat » was used. Inmarsat is the world’s leading provider of global mobile satellite communications, providing voice and high-speed data services to almost anywhere on the planet – on land, at sea and in the air.


The services are delivered through the most versatile and reliable satellite network in the world. Inmarsat operates 11 satellites in geostationary orbit 35,786km above the Earth, controlled from the HQ in London via ground stations located around the globe.


Since the introduction of the Inmarsat phone « mini-M » service in January 1997, Inmarsat follow an constant technological evolution with new products, the most recognized and reliable products today are the BGAN inmarsat phone and the new handheld IsatPhone Pro.


The BGAN service is now available around the globe, delivered through our global network of three I-4 satellites. The map above depicts the three I-4 satellite coverage regions. Any BGAN terminal will operate in any country within the coverage areas, and they may connect to any of the three BGAN satellites without re-configuring software, or changing service plans (ideal for world travelers).


The new Inmarsat phone « IsatPhone Pro » is a robust handset that is easy to use, has long battery life, and offers a reliable global network connection. It will offer satellite telephony, with Bluetooth for handsfree use, voicemail, text and email messaging. Location data will also be available to the user to look up or send in a text message. IsatPhone Pro is targeted primarily at professional users in the government, media, aid, oil and gas, mining and construction sectors. IsatPhone Pro is the first Inmarsat handheld to be purpose built for its network. Optimized to deliver the best performance from the world’s most advanced mobile satellite network, it will be available on a global basis over the three Inmarsat4 satellites, which have an operational lifetime into the 2020s.

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