India Visit Tcl Lg Home Appliances Giant Tense Confrontation With Samsung

India Visit Tcl Lg Home Appliances Giant Tense Confrontation With Samsung
, By more than 130 sales of home appliance giant in India to visit TCL Group, to discuss opportunities for cooperation, TCL Overseas Division in Shenzhen high-profile president Chun Yi announced that the company’s strategic layout in the Indian market has been basically completed, three years into the Indian market leading consumer electronics brand, LG and Samsung face of competition.

Industry veteran, said the hype Indian businessmen to visit TCL TCL, one hand is to restore the negative reports before the TCL, the other is to tell the public, TCL has not stopped the advance, and in acceleration. Rooted in the Indian market, « TCL India office as early as three years ago has been set up during the market investigation work has been started. » Yi Chun told reporters, « TCL India branch is formally established in April last year, has been home appliances in India industry recognition and support of dealers. « The dealers are visiting India, the most powerful and representative of potential distributors, sales of home appliance industry in India has a wide influence, its total sales volume reached 70 home appliances in India % or more. « The interview with the Indian distributor, signing more than one million units are expected. » TCL India, a branch in-house staff said.

According to reports, until now, TCL India has established 20 branch offices, 100 service stations, and set up nearly 2,700 distributors and dealers by the composition of the distribution network. 3 months ago to start selling, color TV sales last month reached 22,000. At present, TCL India has seven offices in the local processing of strategic cooperation with more than 40 R & D engineers, R & D institutions has been established. Yi Chun said: « We are also ready to southeast India to build a own factory, this investment has gained the support of the local government in India. »

Insiders, according to TCL, TCL Overseas Business Division as early as the late 90s in the 20th century, began to explore the Indian market in July last year, TCL and Thomson set up a joint venture TTE, the company’s emerging markets, the main profit center task is to develop the ASEAN, India, Southeast Asia, South Asia represented by the market. At present, TCL’s been recognized in India, TCL India, a branch sales staff told reporters, TCL home appliances, IT and telecommunications products are now selling well in India, the Indian distributors of collective access to TCL is an obvious example.

Challenges LG, Samsung

For TCL concerned, India has huge potential consumer market is an important distribution companies overseas, a chess piece.

Industry leaders expect the next three years India’s TV market capacity will be 10% to 15% annual rate of growth will reach 10 million units in 2006, and the big screen and flat screen TV will become the mainstream. At present, India’s leading consumer electronics brand is South Korea’s LG and Samsung, the local brand Vedioson brands have been launched with the cooperation of Sanshui, Japan. But in the eyes of easily spring, LG and Samsung is not terrible, because the Indian market, although demand for high-end products, but the biggest market is still in the low-end market. Use of cost advantage, he thought, TCL can be overcome in the Indian market, LG and Samsung, and strive to 3 years to become the second largest local brands. « In the TCL diversification and internationalization trend, TCL India, Indian companies will also build a brand platform for collaboration and shared channels, import, including home appliances, communications, digital, etc., diversified products. » Yi rain expected this year, TCL’s color TV sales in India will reach 60 million units, AV products up to 10 million, 10 million white goods, digital products up to 5 million, net income of 10 billion yuan. « These dealers to join India, TCL India is bound to contribute significantly to the channel structure and network building. »

It is understood that the world’s largest color TV with the establishment of TTE, TCL significantly speeding up the internationalization of the Indian branches and Russia, Mexico and South Africa have been established for a class office. By the end of October last year, more than 70 specially chartered Russian giant home appliance sales visit TCL, and signed a 330,000 color TV sales of big single. Now, TCL has become the most influential in Russia, Chinese brands. At present the initial success of TCL in India, very enlightening on the significance of other domestic companies, the industry expects the development of China electronic industry boom in India will soon set off.

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