Huawei’s Independence From China Three Stories: Attack The Four Directions

Huawei’s Independence From China Three Stories: Attack The Four Directions
Recently, from Huawei 3Com transformed into a « H3C » senior debut in front of the media, revealed its brand after switching the direction of development. H3C-related executives said, H3C operate independently from the start the company, in the future with Huawei to focus on different carriers, in addition to other operators, H3C will become more focused in the enterprise network market, and will focus on multimedia, storage, security, the main four major areas of networking products.

Renamed story North of Hangzhou in Hangzhou Economic Development Zone enterprises seem to get together with communication effect, the famous Eastcom, UT Starcom are all gathered here, H3C is also located next to the two companies.

However, H3C now seems to be better known in the local Eastcom, UT Starcom large, H3C director Wang Wei, vice president of the domestic market is also recognized as such.

This is mainly due to a

changed its name. April 2007, officially changed its name to Hangzhou Huawei 3Com Wah Communication Technology Limited (H3C), corporate logo is also from the « H3C » instead of « Huawei 3Com ».

As Huawei and 3COM widely familiar to the industry, « Huawei 3Com » The name of this joint venture also has quite a reputation. « But ‘H3C’ The company name is only approved last month to complete, but today only one month and a few days. I now insist on playing taxi said ‘Wah’, taxi drivers said they do not know, to the future, others Huawei 3Com you say is, I pointed to the wall of words that have been renamed, « Wang Wei also specifically describes the renamed this story.

Management’s understanding H3C Wu Jing Chuan, president of global marketing, a gentle lady seems hard to imagine leading the sales team to reach its annual sales of more than 700 million U.S. dollars, more like a young college female teachers.

« H3C president of product line also only 35 years old, but has 10 years experience, » says Wu Jing Chuan so.

2003, the joint venture company was first established, Huawei data communications product line to include the joint venture, and the overall operations teams transferred from Huawei, the operations team is basically a step by step from the Huawei came up, but Huawei established also 10 years, giving people room to grow very quickly.

After the transfiguration of the executives have change H3C, H3C Wu Jing Chuan, president of global marketing, said, « H3C management major from Huawei, Huawei start joint venture into the team and technology; 3COM funding. Shareholding after the change management has not changed. The management team is confident that the company toward a new goal. Our management has formed a tacit understanding, CEO, CTO and I have 10 years experience of working together. « 

Independent operation from the beginning For H3C, the Wu Jing Chuan said, « H3C is independent from the start, and Huawei, 3Com, NEC and other major customers are strategic H3C.

Learned in the past, a number of routers, switches, product development is carried out by H3C, then according to Huawei’s carrier network customers could use some improvements, the Huawei to provide OEM products, but also for the NEC and other OEM H3C products . « Equity changes, Huawei is still a strategic partner H3C, Huawei will OEMH3C products, H3C Huawei and NEC are all important strategic partner », Wu Jing Chuan and Huawei H3C thus described the relationship between the future.

She also revealed that after 3 years of time, H3C to achieve a robust, fast growth, from 3 years ago, annual sales of 70 million U.S. dollars to 712 million U.S. dollars last year, doubled 10 times; if the calculated volume , then it reached 10 billion yuan, « the current growth in every quarter H3C close to the limit the development of this industry, the total number of invention patent applications in the country comes second. »

Four new direction H3C Wang Wei, vice president of the domestic market has grown up that H3C has been independent, and the direction is very clear.

He said, H3C technology and talent in a very solid foundation and reserve, « We attach great importance to R & D workforce in 5000, half of that R & D staff, we will continue to IP technology as the core, mainly big multimedia, storage, security, home network, the four product areas. « 

Wang Wei said that China’s routers and switches in the field, H3C combined market share of about 36.5% total share in the switch area, H3C’s market share in the first place.

But Wang Wei also said that quite a monopoly of the global Internet technology, such as Ethernet in the field, even though H3C in China has broken the monopoly, but also to the global sales through partners, currently ranked second in the Ethernet, but the first sales of 20 billion U.S. dollars, a, H3C too far away from the first difference, in turn, shows the enormous market potential.

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