Huawei: Two Elements Of Support For Td? Lte Commercial Success

Huawei: Two Elements Of Support For Td? Lte Commercial Success

HC communication network The contradiction between the capacity and coverage, mobile Communicate The same topic. Huawei Wireless China Marketing Chief Engineer Zhang in his « convergence, innovation, development? TD-LTE Industry Development, » speech, directed at moving Communicate The crucial point of development, and Huawei to resolve this contradiction, the integration of the FDD and TDD, as well as LTE frequency-selective scheduling tests, etc. have made many breakthroughs, and now, Huawei’s innovative technology TD-LTE has served Expo.

TDD and FDD integration of internationally acclaimed

3G Yet to find a killer business, rich Internet applications have become the network bandwidth killer. Bandwidth capacity to face the pressure, Zhang pointed out that the future of mobile broadband, need to focus on the integration of FDD is the development of TD and Huawei have been the integration of technology, operators can in the existing TDD spectrum to deploy TD-region LTE to provide coverage for hotspots with FDDLTE Call absorption, and vice versa. This would interfere with the network capacity and network solution to achieve good results.

In wireless networking scenarios, in particular, under the LTE network with indoor and outdoor frequency interference coordination very difficult. If the difference in indoor and outdoor use FDD and TDD for networking, for small and medium enterprises, the family of wireless broadband services to provide a good experience, networking obvious advantages.

Industry and standardization organizations to see the real need, TD-LTE has not only been the leading domestic relevant departments and support, it has been Vodafone, Germany and electricity to support world-class operators in the standard form of TDD and FDD integration of industrial chain. At present, Huawei has launched the first dual-mode based on FDD and TDD’s TD-LTE chips.

Innovative applications of Shanghai World Expo

For the communications industry more concerned about the TD-LTE, Huawei has been completed from the end of 2008 the first laboratory test, and received critical acclaim. Zhang pointed out that the Huawei deal with a number of testing challenges, « there are significant shock, » a course ought to March this year, the world’s first terminal 12 a Community Access, to access and download uplink access test, and get successfully passed.

This is the first time the industry more than 10 terminals in the environment, Zhang explained that this test, the simulated interference loaded commercial network environment, to achieve the 12 terminals at the same time FTP uploading and downloading, mobile, switching tests Data performance is satisfactory. In the two weeks to complete a single Cell, Cell and so many more scenes, the 80 test items and other large items, a number of test items are one-off by stating that the system has been stable mature.

As a result, the Shanghai Expo, China Mobile Huawei and other companies to join hands to show the world’s first TD-LTE demonstration network, Huawei provides a total of 17 stations covering Expo outdoor field as well as two very important venues, indoor coverage, to provide mobile high-definition video surveillance, VOD business on demand, as well as single edge of the photo that transfer services. LTE

how to obtain commercial success, Zhang said, one is, and 2G, 3G coverage as to allow customers to anytime, anywhere access to mobile broadband, and second, to have a very good mobile broadband service experience to ensure that bandwidth, « This two points if it is guaranteed, we can achieve the commercial success of TD-LTE. « 

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