Huawei Telecommunications Exhibition

Huawei Telecommunications Exhibition
The exhibition also reveals some clues. Huawei, ZTE, FiberHome, Nokia Siemens, Ericsson’s booth and other equipment, unlike in the past but are placed in cold telecommunications equipment, and more to show that cloud computing, consumer electronics and other fields related concepts , technologies and products. Compared with the past, equipment manufacturers more practical display of the various types of products, while, communications and consumer electronics products to accelerate convergence.

Cloud computing operations to pave the way for ICT

CT industry, equipment manufacturers feast has ended, leaving a few oligarchs; IT industry, equipment manufacturers of the PC field has an end, come to an end servers and storage base. China’s telecom equipment manufacturers take? Clearly, simply provide the hardware has not work, they need to move software and services, the answer may be specific in this communication show that we can find some clues.

In this communication exhibition held in conjunction with the « ICT China 2011 High Level Forum », the Minister of Huawei’s strategy and marketing vice president Xiao Jian said at the scene to speak, the terminal changes brought us Cisco 2811 Price. and change region, Huawei is the opportunity to accelerate development and growth. He also predicted that the global ICT industry will be born three trillion dollars of industrial markets.

Nearly two years, from the cloud mobile, cloud storage, cloud servers and other end-to-Internet companies, telecommunications companies providing cloud services, cloud computing has begun to the altar, to the user. In fact, from a business perspective, cloud computing technology to achieve the IT business, from voice to communications, IT technology has become the dominant telecommunications technology.

Clearly, cloud computing architecture in the ICT market is for operators and enterprises. This is completely different face of ICT market demand and sales, telecom equipment manufacturers how to flex its muscles in this new world of next?

Cloud computing is not new technology, cloud computing performance was more of a business model innovation. The industry believes that cloud computing in recent years has its special hot industry background, it is the inevitable evolution of ICT technology development trend. For now, cloud computing has been the development of ICT equipment manufacturers to provide a new business model. If the ICT is the future of cloud-based architecture, it is now and the end are the Internet cloud and end corporate control, and communications equipment providers only channels, increasingly cramped space. Penetrate each other may go one way, but the clouds and mid-market and communications equipment market is totally different, the need for profound changes in the equipment room itself.

Telecommunications software and services industry in the future turn

All along, the operators are the largest telecom equipment provider customers, even transformation, it will not change. In the future path of development, they remain each other’s mentor.

The entire telecom industry from the current view, the Jobs era, Apple created to subvert the communication terminal model of development in the telecommunications industry in the whole industry chain has made waves. Telecommunications equipment manufacturers, terminal manufacturers, telecom operators, Internet service providers the boundaries between being broken. Under the impact of the mobile Internet, telecom operators eager to explore the smart pipe business model, smart pipe strategy is the transformation of telecom operators in the network level, the end result, and has been followed by Cisco Router, « eat » the telecommunications equipment manufacturers are thus usher in a new development opportunity – to provide intelligent solutions for the pipeline. This has become a telecom equipment manufacturers to further enhance the value of the opportunity.

The exhibition, Huawei « smart pipes and intimate operation and maintenance » exhibition shows tailored for operators to discuss the « bandwidth, self-help », « resource optimization » and other scenarios, lively and intelligent interpretation of pipe solutions « to the end user experience as the center pipe goes together « concept, to help operators to build with the » flow of the entire network flexible access, «  » multi-dimensional perception, «  » dynamic resource assignment, «  » differentiated services « , » pipeline capacity open « five key capabilities of smart Pipe.

From telecom operators point of view, this exhibition, the three major telecom operators and many exhibitors have red-letter described « smart pipe » Brave New World. Ericsson smart display pipeline, the pipeline of gold Huawei, ZTE Smart Pipe, Shanghai Bell, colored piping, etc., are all sent out an important message – that the conduct of the operator network.

From the device’s perspective, the current intelligence is very important part of the pipeline construction work is « repair speed, lane designated » Building high-speed pipeline, laid the basis of intelligence pipeline to meet the needs of multi-service bearer. Equipment manufacturers to provide operators with intelligent pipeline infrastructure from their own terms, you can increase the pipeline for their value and income, and further to seize the future of the vast information technology market, get rid of the marginalized and the bottom of the crisis, is expected to leap to become information technology leader and an important part.

As a network system operators and support innovative technology behind those, equipment manufacturers need to think farther, stand higher, consider the more comprehensive. After entering the 3G era, in the access network equipment giant, piping and other innovative network architecture will give operators full-service operation to bring more choice and competition.

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