Had Enough of Whatsapp? Here Are Three Alternatives Which Will

Had Enough of Whatsapp? Here Are Three Alternatives Which Will
… after Facebook took over Whatsapp, 4.5 million users migrated to Telegram, an application that was launched in 2013, being created by Telegram Messenger LLP, more exactly by Nikolai and Pavel Durov, the founders of a Russian social network called …
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Phone Family hotas av böter
Phone Family hotas av böter om försäljningsföretaget fortsätter med sina säljmetoder. Om bolaget, som fått hård kritik, fortsätter att hävda att en telefon, platta eller liknande följer med abonnemanget gratis blir det böter på 750 000 kronor, enligt …
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Amazon Secretly Working on New Platform for Inventors
Amazon sells most of the name-brand electronics you can think of. Now, it appears, it wants to be the place where the next generation of gadget and consumer electronics companies can build their brands from the ground up. Over the last few months, the …
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Young people are 'lost generation' who can no longer fix gadgets
Ideas include using a magnifying glass and shoe box to turn a mobile phone into a rudimentary projector; how to use tin foil to make too small batteries fit correctly and how to turn a bottle of water into a lamp. Prof George said: “We've got a lost …
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