GSM Alarm

GSM Alarm


There have been lots of fraudulent activities in our daily life so to provide an extra protection somehow the experts created the GSM Alarm that has capacity to alert you whenever something wrong happened against your setting. This system is very modern because it not triggers the siren but also send you the SMS to some mobile numbers that you have set in to its system. So, no matter where you are you will be notified by the GSM Alarm if your house or family members are in some sort of trouble. There are several designs available at different deals and prices. 900/1800MHZ GSM Alarm Home Security System YL- 007M3A, Wireless Digital Security Intelligent Home Burglar Alarm System CG- 8800K8, GSM Basic Home Alarm Wireless Home Security System, Auto-dialed Home Security Wireless Alarm System TH007, GSM Home Security Burglar Alarm System with 16 Wireless and 5 Wired Detectors and Audio Message Recording YL- 007M3D etc. are some models of GSM Alarm that capable of offering good security system.

900/1800MHz GSM Alarm Home security System YL- 007M3A is an amazing model among the best GSM Alarm models. This system has auto dialing function if the defense system is not followed. It can store five phone numbers and can send the SMS immediately to those five numbers if someone not follows the rule. This GSM Alarm can be controlled from anywhere through mobile and this will need the Pin code which is only known to the owner. It is compatible with both GSM and CDMA. Since this has phone alert system there is no distance limitation for the alarm. This can detect both wired and wireless sensors such as: you can use it for the detection of gas sensor, door gap sensor, PIR detectors, smoke sensor, infrared balusters, panic buttons etc. It has inbuilt battery for the emergency case, when the power supply is off then it still continues to be operated for eight to ten hours. If there is poor signal in your area then antenna can be used to ensure the strong network. This GSM Alarm has very easy processing for installation too.

The GSM Alarm system is most preferred in shop, garage, cottage, house etc. The most interesting aspect about this GSM Alarm system is that it doesn’t contain wiring stuffs so it is very easy to install anywhere as you will not need any plan for doing wiring.



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