Googles Smartphone

Googles Smartphone

The Google-backed mobile operating system is taking the Smartphone market by storm. Let’s look at some finer points of the Android.
What is Android?

Android is the name of an open-source operating system used by various models of mobile phone since 2008. It supports lots of advanced features such as multi-touch input, GPS (global positioning system) navigation and motion detectors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes. Android also lets mobile devices connect to the web using a number of different networks including Wi-Fi. WiMax, 3G and EDGE and also supports common web standards such as JavaScript. In effect, it allows a mobile device to offer the full internet experience while still performing standard mobile phone tasks such as text messaging and calling.
Who is behind Android?

Google ( has been the driving force behind Android, in November 2005, it bought a company named Android, a small firm that made software for mobile phones, but it wasn’t until mid-2007 that Google announced plans to back an open-source operating system for mobile phones. When Android was finally unveiled, the formation of the Open Handset ( was also announced. This group of companies, which Includes technology giants such as Intel (, Toshiba ( and Sony Ericsson (, as well as mobile network operators such as Vodafone ( and T-Mobile (, provides the backing for Android as well as pushing for the adoption of Open standards in the mobile phone market.
How popular is Android?

A Sales of Android phones are going through the roof – in the US. Android handsets are now outselling Apple’s iPhone (, which is no mean accomplishment. A third of all smartphones sold in the United States between April and June in 2010 were Android-based, with BlackBerry ( sales accounting for nearly 23 per cent and the iPhone at almost 22 per cent. One of the reasons for this is that Android is open source, so there are many manufacturers offering Android handsets – Samsung (, HTC ( Motorola ( and LG (, to name but a few, It took a while for Android-powered handsets to make their way onto the market – T-Mobile’s GI was the first, launching only launched in October 2008 – but nearly two years on, there are literally dozens or Android phones to choose from.

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