Domestic Tv Unwilling « utility Man » March Upstream-tcl, Changhong, Skyworth – Hc Network

Domestic Tv Unwilling « utility Man » March Upstream-tcl, Changhong, Skyworth – Hc Network
Series LCD panel Project started, to further enhance the bargaining power

After years of silence, the domestic flat-panel TV industry production capacity has come off the high-speed development stage. Following the middle of last month

TCL Group LCD TV modules integrated factory in Huizhou Zhong Kai Hi-tech District, put into operation last week, Sichuan

Chang Group also Taiwan’s largest LCD panel maker AU Optronics long intellectual joint venture optical company, and declare the first specifically for Changhong’s LCD screen in full production.

With a series of panel domestic projects under construction, domestic TV Manufacturers and the link between the upstream industry chain is becoming more closely, in the procurement of raw materials such as liquid crystal panel’s bargaining power is also expected to be enhanced.

Domestic manufacturers do not want to « utility man »

9 mid, TCL invested nearly 600 million yuan of machine integration, officially announced the production plant, total of eight assembly lines, is expected to produce during the year to 700,000 units machine, but to the entire LCD module early next year, machine integration projects are completed, is expected 15 to 55 inches LCD TVs up to 300 million units annual output of machine and production of large-size

LCD Component 2 million sets of parts.

Obviously, TCL such large investments more or is it not willing to do long term, « utility man » role. Being matched, the last week, in the outside world seem to deviate from the field of Changhong LCD and AU Optronics officially set up joint venture optical length wise, and announced the first dedicated to Changhong’s LCD screen in full production. So far, Changhong has officially opened up the whole flat panel TVs and downstream industry chain, and become the first concurrent plasma, LCD, O

LED And many core display technologies household electrical appliance enterprises.

According to plan, the first phase of a long construction project Chi LCD glass substrate and backlight 4 module assembly process production line, annual production from 24 to 46 inches, LCD screen 3 million, the annual

Sell Amounting to approximately 5.0 billion -60 billion, and output end of the year 240 000 LCD screen.

This connection, deputy general manager of Changhong, chairman of Cheung Chi Lin Maoxiang External Optical declared cooperation with AUO, is the perfect flat panel TV Changhong strategic layout of the major initiatives, face replacement TV the next 500 million and nearly 900 million rural market Start the huge market opportunity ahead of the completion of the color TV industry, Changhong’s important layout.

In addition, through equity participation in Guangzhou Skyworth

LG D LCD module plant it on the LCD TV industry chain of control from the original ratio of less than 30% to 60%, but also to ensure a stable supply of LCD panels, Hisense has established cooperation with Chi Mei LCD module plant to to obtain an advantage.

Upstream manufacturers to re-negotiate weight loss

Fact, coincided with the replacement of the peak of flat panel TV in the financial crisis become a global flat panel market, the biggest bright spot. Displaysearch forecast, 2009 China’s LCD TV sales will exceed 25 million units, up 87% of the world’s largest single country market.

Moreover, in the past year which, by the financial crisis, foreign investment in China, giant flat-panel market share is shrinking. Displaysearch of data from the first half of 2009 Skyworth, Hisense, TCL and three Chinese companies to take a 54% share, while 7 percent had occupied the Chinese market share of Japanese and Korean giant’s market share continued to decline to less than 30% .

« In order to ensure profits, foreign brands abandoned its pursuit of market share approach, and with the domestic brands finished in the upstream areas of the layout of the LCD module, the original camp, the cost advantage of foreign investment basically lost, it is main reason for the stagnant sales of foreign giants. « Skyworth China Marketing Center says the responsible person.

Is also because the rapid rise of domestic TV manufacturers, many overseas companies have relaxed the domestic enterprises for technology.

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