Best Smartphones India

Best Smartphones India

The Indian market is no longer lagging behind the international market when it comes to the most sophisticated smart phones. It has been actually replete with a variety of them. The rich features, trendy styles and colors will surely coax you to jump into an immediate purchase. Be it pricing or be it the ratings in international market these products to which you are going to cast a look at are amazing from every perspective. In the least couple of months there have been quite a few significant launches in the Indian markets. Especially from the storehouse of Nokia. Some of the best smartphones have made a stormy access into the scenario. Let’s take a close look at the functionalities of these flagship models.

Nokia 603:

Nokia 603 is in fact a name that needs no introduction to the regular users of smartphones. This particular brand is definitely one of the topmost options pertaining to smartphones for 2011.
Features of the set include an amazing variety. In this particular set you will have an amazing variety of an Advanced battery life, High capacity of capturing videos and stills, Mega pixel features, GPS Technology in built inside the set, Blue tooth headset, Supersonic browsing speed, 3D quality, Wi fi facility, Touch technology, 4.3” screen display, Nexus features, and addition of NFC features.

Nokia N8

Among all the 2011 Smartphones Nokia N8 happens to be the only one that has hailed as a symbian mobile. The product is introduced with an inventory of astounding features. Here is a bird’s eye view.
Features of the set include 3.5” screen display, LCD, ANDROID, Touch technology, 3G Technology, HD Video quality, MP sensors, 12 mega pixel, Bluetooth features, Super sensitive touch screen and Zeiss lens.

Nokia 700

Nokia 700 is a real wonder that has won a specific niche for itself in the Indian sub continent.
Features of the set include sleekest design, super fast internet connection, greater browsing experience, 4.0” TFT, smudge free screen, Android features, GPS capacity, High capacity Wi fi, NFC, 8 MP and Touch technology features.

Nokia 701:

Nokia 701Black Berry Bold 990 is a perfect combination of good looks and usability. You will admit it when you look at the features.
Features of the set include great capacity for tapping into NGC, great internet connectivity, crystal clear snap and video, A super active 1.2 GHZ processor which is inbuilt, Q2 features, multi tasking capacities, super browsing experience, crystal clear display features which is possible because of the Gorilla Glass features, VCF Formats, Bluetooth features as well as Touch screen features.

Nokia E 6:

Nokia E 6 is definitely an inspiring addition in the list of the smartphones 2011 that have hit the Indian market of cell phones.
Features of the set include GPS navigation capacity for free, great battery life, 3G, QWERT keypad facility, integrated social networking and e mail features, accessories ( Bluetooth headset, stereo headsets etc), Tri band network with UMTS, Touch screen features, 5 MP, 3.2” TFT, WI FI Capacity as well as High quality video as well as snaps.

Nokia E7

Nokia E7 is a possession you are going to be extremely proud.
Features of the set include better web browsing capacity, menu access with one touch, back up for MS Office DOCS, worldwide navigation facility, great MP camera features, High sensitive touch screen features, 3G, Blue tooth facility, GPS, WI FI Capacity and High quality video as well as snaps.

Nokia C 7:

Nokia C 7 is a top draw for all cell phone lovers.
Features of the set include QEWRTY features, faster downloads, High quality display, 5 MP, 3G, Blue tooth facility, GPS and High quality video as well as snaps.

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