Best Blu-ray Players – Oppo Number One in Image Quality

Best Blu-ray Players – Oppo Number One in Image Quality

Perhaps no other Blu-ray Player, past or present has garnered more acclaimed or awards than the Oppo BDP-83 player. From both experts and users, the BDP-83 was considered the standard which all other players were compared. Even being an older player, it was still very popular; so it surprised many when Oppo announced it was going to discontinue the model. It was replaced by the BDP-93, which was released in the later part of 2010. Oppo addressed many of the BDP-83 shortcomings, which were few, with this new model. Producing a better updated model.

You can still probably find the BDP-83 at certain retailers, and it would not be a bad decision to purchase one. However, for the same price ($ 499.99), the BDP-93 will give you the same excellent performance plus extras such as 3D capability and Built-in Wi-Fi. Like the BDP-83, the BDP-93 is a Universal Blu-ray Player, designed to handle most audio disc formats. Experts have been quoted saying the sound delivered from this player should satisfy all, except may the die-hard audiophiles. As for its video performance, it just does not get any better than this player.

Enhanced by the second generation Qdeo™ technology, the BDP-93 is equipped with the Marvell’s Kyoto-G2 video processor. What Qdeo video processing delivers is a realistic movie experience by producing quiet natural video that is lacking any of the noise and artifacts on every type of content. The player reliably recreates the source material when playing back a Blu-ray Disc, so you get to view the movie the way the director intended it to be seen. The BDP-93 has added Online Streaming capabilities. The video quality of streaming content can be sketchy at the best of times, this also goes for user-encodes material. So Oppo has included a number of options including compression artifact reduction, intelligent color, contrast, noise reductions, details and edges enhancements. All to provide you with better quality viewing. 

When up-scaling a DVD, the BDP-93 remarkably closes the resolution gap between DVD and Blu-ray. Up-scaling your standard resolution DVD to high definition video output by advance scaling and Per-pixel motion-adaptive de-interlacing. Options are available through the additional Qdeo video processing to help give you cleaner, clearer, realistic images, lacking any noise or artifacts.

The video resolution output can be either 480i to 1080p at 50Hz or 60Hz. Producing true 1080p/24 fps video signals from both a Blu-ray disc or DVD. It is equipped with a Source Direct Mode for external video processing. There are also Multiple Zoom Modes on the BDP-93. Supporting different levels of aspect ratio control and picture zooming. This includes a vertical stretch mode for those users with a 2.35:1 CIH or Constant Image Height screen. Subtitles can even be position to where you want, so you will never miss any text when using a 2.35:1 CHI display.

The overall video results can only be described as stunning. Sound quality of course is not neglected. The BDP-93 has superior sound features and supports all the latest high-resolution audio formats. Other great features include dual HDMI outputs, eSATA Port, Wireless LAN, dual USB Ports, PAL/NTSC Conversion, Universal Power Supply, external IR and RS232 Control.  Other Blu-ray Players in Oppo’s lineup, the BDP-95 (available to pre-order), the BDP-83SE and the BDP-80 all have similar video features, resulting in the best Blu-ray Player selection when it comes to high quality video.

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