Android Platform and Android Development

Android Platform and Android Development

Android Software Development

Android is Google’s operating System derived from the Linux V2.6 Kernel. Android is a mobile phone operating system and gained utmost attention from the entire world due to the popularity of Google and for its quick encroachment into the Smartphone’s market. Earlier, Apple’s iOS is the only popular mobile operating system that is very much familiar with the world besides the less popular Nokia’s Symbian. Android’s entry has completely changed the mobile phones market and created ripples everywhere all over the world. Android gained significant level of success over the popular Apple’s iOS and giving it a great run to it too. Android already crossed many milestones in its tenure with various updated version operating systems. This Android operating system is a brain child of Open Handset Alliance, which is a group, led by none other than the popular Google. Google brand name also supported and helped a lot for its success and the current growth.

Many handset manufacturers also supported well this novice operating system when it was entered into the mobile phones arena. Now, Android’s success has created huge business in the form of Android Application Development and Android software development. Mobile phone market also witnessed huge improvement in their business through the kind of competition it developed with the popular Apple and its Smart phone iPhone. Smartphone market witnessed significant improvements and changes due to the Android entry. This is definitely a good sign and growth for many different frontiers in the world. Android development is currently taking place in huge volume all over the world due to the significant improvement Android based smart phones usage throughout the world. Android is definitely a greatest addition for the entire world in many ways.

Android is a complete open source stack that was created exclusively for smart phones and some other similar devices as tablets and others. This is a complete bundle of many dissimilar other open source projects. Here, Android has come up with a unique step as AOSP, which stands for Android Open source project. This AOSP is derived to enable expansion for Android and for its safety. Android based smart phones are currently having huge market all over the world and successfully overtaken the monopoly of the Apple’s iOS and its devices. Android application development is gaining great momentum due the huge volume smart phones that are running on this operating system and due its Open Source feature along with spontaneous nature. All these reasons are successfully gained lion share in the market for Android through its devices. Definitely, still Android got a long way to go keeping in mind the popularity of Apple and its iOS based devices’ popularity.

Android operating system uses programming language Java for its development needs. Android programmers India is popular with this application development. This kind of ability is created a huge space for India for the outsourcing android development successfully. Android developers are available in huge volume in India due to its compatibility with the programming language Java. Many international companies are sending all their development needs related to it successfully to India for this reason. This is a good sign for India in business point of view and to excel well in the mobile application development frontiers successfully. Android Software Development is no longer a toughest task as many seasoned programmers are already gained a greater foothold in it successfully. Many latest Android apps are significantly proving this aspect from the Google Market World. Android has been popular household name unlike earlier due to its lion share in the current smart phones’ market.

It is true that Android platform uses programming language Java for its development needs, but this operating system runs the standard Java byte code as a special virtual machine for all its development needs. This thing should be a great knowledge for all the Android developers before proceeding for the application development. Android successfully supports 3D graphics along with 2D through its OpenGL libraries. Also, it can support database storage in a SQLite database format too. Android apps developers should have a great knowledge about this aspect for their Android development. Most of the Android application development needs specifically governed through the operating system’s special features as the every latest version of Android comes up with many new additions and deletions in it. Android programmers should have a greater control over the each Android version to shape up the application well and compatible for all versions successfully.

Life cycle of the application is always dependent on its operating system due to various reasons. Here, Android is always special at this aspect and defines application life cycle for its activities through the operating system’s pre-defined methods. Many programmers find this ability as more encouraging as operating system always got a chance to destroy the application through stopping itself. Android is definitely a well designed operating system to meet every need of today successfully. Its open development platform is a greatest advantage for all Android programmers. Rich standardized applications are very much possible through this ability. Importantly, Android operating system offers application developers complete freedom to take advantage of the hardware of the device, which will result into effective application from the developers.

Currently, Android application development is a popular source of business for many Android developers India. Also, outsourcing Android application is quite rampant at this moment as there is huge volume of application development needs are prevailing all over the market due to the increased Android based Smartphone users all over the world. Android application developers in India are well qualified for these various tasks and there is a huge chance for the every application to reach the desired standards expectations successfully. Android is already earned a lion share in the market and still running successful over its contemporaries. Now, its only opponent Apple’s iOS is failing to gain upper hand over Android on some of the vital aspects such Voice over facility and some more. It is the perfect time for Android to grow further and excel well over its opponent through completely overshadowing its current monopoly.

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