Android for Saab

Android for Saab

At the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Saab announced that it would be installing the innovative Android Operating System in their cars. The amazing system, which Saab calls IQon, functions much like a smartphone or personal tablet, and users can download apps and upgrade their system as often as they like. The IQon has an eight-inch, high definition touch screen, which connects automatically when the engine turns on. The infotainment system offers a wide variety of services like on-board music storage, streaming audio and entertainment, online navigation, interior temperature adjustment and web surfing. A quick glance at the screen will also give users the correct time and temperature.

Some of the features of the new Android Operating System are:

More than 500 sensors located around the car supply specific data signals to app developers and provide users with details about a vast array of information. Users will have easy access to statistics like the speed and direction the vehicle is traveling and even the current barometric pressure as well as the position of the sun.
The new IQon Android system is simple to operate, with a touch screen that the user can swipe from one screen to another for easy access to an amazing number of options from high tech applications to something as simple as a calculator.
IQon users can personalize the infotainment system by choosing the apps they want and download them in the same way they would for a smartphone. They will not be limited to the apps that are in the vehicle when they purchase it; they can keep it up to date by downloading new apps when they are released. Saab will ensure that programs from applications providers meet their quality standards before approving and offering them to consumers through their online IQon store. 

Saab is currently testing a beta version of the IQon system in a fleet of cars already on the road, so they can detect and correct any potential problems before their official debut. People who want to stay connected through innovative technology will be anxiously awaiting the latest infotainment system that will soon be available in the new Saabs. Keep an eye out for a new model at your Saab dealer.

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