About Iphone 4

About Iphone 4
The release of iPhone 4 is a good reason to take an overall look of these phones and once again see why iPhone was more than a phone since the release of the first model.

When the first iPhones were announced no one could predict what will happen, lots of critics took iPods as an example and suggested that iPhone will also dominate the market. Others were skeptical because mp3 player market actually had no dominating companies when iPod was released, instead of the mobile phone market which is nearly torn apart by various competitors. Fighting companies like Nokia and Motorola on their own field was a real challenge. But the usual Apple hype formed and tested by the releases of iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle made its contribution and iPhone got huge sales and managed to grab a big part of the market. The latest hype was caused by the release of iPhone 4 the fourth model in the iPhone line.

In general the fourth iPhone leaves a great impression, first of all because it looks not like a tweaked previous model. A lot of new features and new looks manage to keep the similarity yet make a completely different phone. The display has a good resolution and strangely manages to make the picture really cute, practically drawn, which contributes to the originality of the phone, especially when compared to other models. As for the functionality (based on the latest iOS) it is practically perfect a combination of various possibilities and great usability make iPhone 4 not only comfortable but also highly addictive. You wouldnt want to use another phone after iPhone.

The biggest advantage of all iPhones (and practically all of Apple products) is the design. People who do this part of work in the company are not even masters and artists, they are wizards led by the great taste and creativity of Steve Jobs. Each product released by Apple has an instant Wow Effect and looks twice as good as the best looking competitors. This is of course only one of the keys to success of Apple Corporation, the other one lies on the inside of their phones. iPhone 4 is the first serious design change in the line of iPhones. Basically it went from the more stylish first model to a more practical form, which still keeps a glimpse of the original model line style.

Another interesting design related feature is the so called bumper. Some of the iPhones had an issue with antennas and therefore Apple released a free accessory called the bumper. It is a kind of protective case that in addition to this acts as antenna amplifier; a real Apple Solution.

In general iPhone 4 is an iPhone which makes it a perfect combination of style, functionality and usability. There is only one negative thing in this phone it is addictive and might drag you into the world of perfect apple products. But if ending up with an iPod shuffle, iPad and MacBook is not a problem for you go for this phone.

iPhones were always the best on the market. With its release iPhone 4 set a new level of quality and performance and it is currently the best smartphone on the market. If you have no allergy to apples go and get it!

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