A New Chinese Phone Released in 3G Market – MEIZU M9 Android Smartphone

A New Chinese Phone Released in 3G Market – MEIZU M9 Android Smartphone

You can get the Meizu M9 Cell Phone at $ 455. This might seem a bit steep but the reality is that the features are equally spectacular. You will not regret your purchase once you start to delve into the features that it brings to the table. To begin with you will explore the 3.5 inch capacitive multi point touch screen. This will give you an amazing sixteen million colors to play with. The screen resolution has been measured at 960 by 640. In such a small gadget you might have expected that the resolution will be troublesome. In reality when you use the Meizu M9 Cell Phone you will not miss some of the bigger gadgets. It is able to hold its own against the competition. You will find that there are interesting dimensions that follow the gadget and its latest tweaks.

The benefits of the Meizu M9 Cell Phone

You have GSM capability as well as a 3G network system when you use the Meizu M9 Cell Phone. In this suite you will find interesting things such as EDGE, HSDPA, GPRS and WCDMA. You might even enjoy the HSUPA capability. The transmission is 900 over 2100 MHZ.  The phone has been designed to support a sophisticated wireless connection under the Wi-Fi system. Alternatively you might use the WAPI capabilities. The phone will give you Bluetooth support under the 2.1 version.  The sensors within the phone are quite impressive especially if you consider the rather modest size that it brings to the market. You get the ability to sense changes in gravity. The ambient light sensors are very impressive. The technology that is used for the infrared distance sensors is some of the best in the world.  The touch sensors are meant to make your life easier regardless of the usage that you are putting on the phone.

Using the Meizu M9 Cell Phone will give you access to GPS or even A-GPS systems. The phone comes with an electronic compass. This is the ideal setting for travel and other commitments. The 500 megapixel camera will give anything that you have a run for its money. The phone can support 720p HD recording. The auto focus sensor will ensure that you can still do your work even without advanced technical training. The digital zoom will help you to produce work to at least a professional standard. The Meizu M9 Cell Phone can bring any point into focus. That means that you can use it quite imaginatively on a night out.

One side of the gadget carries a mini USB 2.0 port. You are able to connect the 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack. The video formats that have been associated with this phone include FLV, AVI and 3GP. You might also access MP4, MKV and MOV. There are many audio formats available to you include APE, FLACK, OGG, MP3, AAC and AMR. There is plenty of functionality to be had from the Meizu M9 Cell Phone. You are so spoilt for choice that you will forget the price tag.

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