A Fake Apple

A Fake Apple

Students asked Socrates how to adhere to the truth. Socrates asked everyone to sit down. He held an apple in his hand with thumb and middle finger, slowly walking by from each seat of the students. As he walked, he said: “Ok. Now, everyone please pay attention. Please concentrate and try to smell the smell in the air.”


Then, he returned to the podium and lifted the apple to shake from side to side, asking: “Is there anyone of you has smelled the smell of this apple?”


One of the students raised his hand to stand up and replied: “I ​​have smelled its smell. It smells very alluring!”


“Anyone else? Is there any student has smelled it?” Socrates asked again.


The students looked at each other and kept silence. None of them replied.


Socrates once again walked away from the rostrum, holding apple. He slowly walked by from the seat next to each student, saying at the same time: “Now, everyone should be sure to concentrate. You again carefully sniff the smell in the air.”


Back to the podium, he asked: “Have you smelt the smell of the apple yet?”


This time, the vast majority of the students raised their hands.


After a moment, Socrates came to the students for the third time. This time, he also let each student sniff the apple. Then back to the podium, he again asked: “Ok, please tell me whether you have smelled the smell of the apple?”


As soon as his voice faded, except a student, all the other students raised their hands.


The student who did not raise his hand looked around and also hurried to raise his hand. His demeanor soon caused a burst of laughter.


Socrates also smiled: “What smell have you smelled?”


The students answered in unison: “The aroma of apple!”


Socrates’ smile disappeared. He slowly raised the apple and said: “Unfortunately, this is a fake apple, so there isn’t any smell of it.”


This story is very enlightening. It reveals a common phenomenon in our daily life and we may often encounter it. Today, most people prefer to follow others blindly rather stick to his or her own opinion, even if they know others are wrong.

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